6 Warning Signs You Need Home Window Replacement [Professional Advice]

July 28, 2022

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When was the last time you scheduled home window replacement on your property? If it’s been several years, it’s probably time to make that call! Today’s energy-efficient window options offer excellent interior insulation and can update your home’s appearance inside and out. Additionally, investing in larger windows can mean more light and fresh air circulation throughout your home.

However, some homeowners put off home window replacement, perhaps not realizing that it’s time for an upgrade. Many property owners also don’t realize the benefits of new windows versus old, worn-out windows. To help you make the right decision for your home, check out 6 warning signs that it’s time to update. You can then discuss your options with a window replacement contractor near you as needed.

When should windows be replaced in a home? (Warning signs)

In truth, a homeowner should replace windows whenever the current windows simply don’t work for them. However, note 6 signs that it’s time to call a window installation contractor right away. Doing so ensures your home is in good condition and looks its best year-round.

  1. If your home’s windows don’t seem to get clean, no matter how hard you scrub, it’s time for home window replacement. Over time, windows suffer etching, scratching, and other surface damage. Those scratches trap and hold dirt, making windows appear dirty even after a thorough cleaning.
  2. The aged glass might look somewhat yellow or gray. Again, no amount of scrubbing can then create a clear, sparkling look! In these cases, it’s probably time for a full-scale home window replacement.
  3. Windows shouldn’t rattle in high winds when the home’s air conditioner runs, and so on. Excessive rattling might indicate worn-out grout or other damage and the need for new windows.
  4. Over time, window frames might sag and pull away from the home’s framing. Consequently, you might struggle to open and close those windows or lock them securely. New windows with updated frames correct these issues and ensure easy operation and secure locking.
  5. As those older windows sag and pull away from the home, gaps often form. In turn, your heating and cooling escape while outside air makes its way indoors. If you notice a spike in your energy costs, consider updated windows for your home.
  6. Don’t overlook the need for easy window operation around your home. If you find that you can’t reach windows to open and close them easily, a new style is in order. Also, an updated window style might mean better venting of cooking or cigarette smoke or added sunlight inside your home.

sealing a window for replacement

Are replacement windows worth the cost?

The short answer is yes, replacement windows are worth every penny! One reason to consider window replacement is that an updated style often means easier operation. Two, new windows might lock more readily, improving your property’s security.

Also, old windows can detract from a home’s appearance both inside and out. On the other hand, new bright white vinyl windows can offer a bit of contrast around the walls. In turn, your entire home might look fresh and new when you opt for a window replacement.

Above all, you can recoup a large percent of your window replacement costs in terms of increased property values. Some experts estimate that homeowners earn back 85% of their window replacement costs in terms of increased property values. In addition to increased property values, you’ll enjoy lower utility costs with new, energy-efficient windows.

Lastly, note that an updated style might offer easier cleaning for your home’s windows. Tilt-in panes make it easier to clean window exteriors from inside the home! Replacing wood frames with vinyl or fiberglass also means far less maintenance over the years.

Longevity of home windows

In general, home windows might last some 20 to 25 years. However, it’s vital that homeowners invest in a reputable installer for those windows. A poor-quality installation can mean gaps around window frames and premature damage.

Also, ensure that you keep those windows clean and free of dust, dirt, gritty debris, and other such elements. Above all, check windows for needed maintenance every year. This can include fresh grout or new nails around the frame.

Additionally, note that tree branches scraping against the windows, harsh weather, and other issues can age windows prematurely. Homeowners might need to trim back those tree branches and invest in awnings. These simple fixes keep windows secure and lasting as long as possible.

home after new home window replacement

Is it worth putting new windows in an old house?

Whether or not you should invest in new windows for an old house depends on a few factors. For instance, are the current windows original to the home? If so, do they have aesthetic or historic value? Replacing original windows in those cases might actually lower the home’s value.

Also, will new windows clash with an older house’s style? As an example, vinyl or fiberglass windows on a classic, craftsman-style home might seem out of place! Even updated wood frames might not offer the same color tone you would expect on some older homes.

On the other hand, note that older windows are notorious for leaks and gaps around their frames. Additionally, glass tends to thin as it ages. In turn, your home might lose lots of heating and cooling around those windows. Also, severely damaged frames, warped wood, rot, and other issues detract from a home no matter the window style.

Above all, a homeowner should consider what potential homebuyers expect if they’re planning on selling that home. If homebuyers avoid your house because of its old, damaged windows, it’s time for an upgrade! Your window installation contractor can note the best choice for maintaining the home’s aesthetic value. For instance, new wood windows or aluminum frames might work better than vinyl on many older homes.

Denton Home Window Replacement is happy to offer these 6 warning signs that you need home window replacement. Hopefully, this information was helpful and informative!

If you’re ready to consider new windows for your home, call our Denton window replacement contractors. We use only name-brand, reliable window replacement styles, designed to last. For more information, contact us today.


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