How Much Does Front Door Installation in Denton, TX Cost? (Door Price Guide)

February 3, 2023

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No matter your front door installation cost, a new entryway door is an excellent investment! Old doors might sag and pull away from their frame, creating gaps. Those gaps let in outside heat and cold, spiking your utility costs year-round. Intruders can also use those gaps to pry the door open and gain access to your home.

On the other hand, a new door means a welcoming appearance, increased energy efficiency, and added security. For all these reasons and more, why not consider a new front door for your home? Check out what you might expect to pay and some tips on ensuring a quality job. Then, discuss your home’s entryways with a door installation contractor near you as needed.

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Average Front Door Installation Cost in Denton, Texas

First, note that a door’s material affects its costs as much as installation prices. Second, you don’t want to skimp on that material no matter the door’s cost overall! Higher quality materials mean added insulation and energy efficiency. Also, they’re usually tougher to pry open, kick in, or damage in any way.

  • Composite wood doors might cost $50 to $500 on average.
  • Steel and aluminum doors usually start at around $100 and go up to $1000 or more.
  • Fiberglass doors might average $150 to $2000 and up.
  • Solid wood doors often start at $200 and might range to $5000 or more.
  • Heavy iron doors average between $1500 and $7000.

Note, these prices include the door alone, not installation costs and other added details. For instance, custom hinges, knobs, and decorative elements usually add $100 or more to your purchase costs. Also, a contractor might need to repair brick, drywall, and other materials before door installation. This work might also add several hundred dollars to your costs overall.

Labor costs for door installation usually average between $40 and $90 per hour for contractors. A general handyperson might charge less, usually $25 to $30 per hour or more. While a homeowner might be tempted to use a handyperson, note that an experienced contractor can ensure a snug, level installation.

In turn, your door might lock more securely and fit more precisely with an experienced contractor managing the installation. While door installation costs vary greatly from project to project, homeowners might then expect to pay around $1000 on average.

What Are My Choices for Front Door Installation?

Single entry doors are very popular for residential homes. A single door takes up less space than other options and is affordable to install. Double entry doors, or two doors next to each other, are more expensive and spacious. They offer a more stunning appearance but also mean added installation costs!

Sidelights are glass panes installed next to a door, either on one or both sides. These make a doorway seem larger and more eye-catching. Also, sidelights bring more sunlight into interior rooms. However, they also add to your overall costs.

Fire rated doors help stop a fire in its tracks, increasing home safety. In fact, most building codes require fire-rated doors between a living area and garage. These doors are also a few hundred dollars more expensive than standard doors.

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When Is It Time for a New Front Door Installation?

A door doesn’t need to be barely hanging from its hinges to need a replacement! Older doors can mean gaps around the frames, as said. They can also be downright unsightly. With this in mind, check out some hints that it might be time for a new front door installation.

  • Never put up with doors that stick or that are difficult to operate. Sticking doors can indicate a sagging or damaged frame. A new door ensures easier operation and a proper fit.
  • A precise door fit also ensures proper locking. If you struggle to lock doors securely, it’s time for a replacement!
  • Doors shouldn’t allow drafts or hot air around their frames. Gaps formed by older or damaged doors result in uncomfortable interior spaces and increased energy costs. If you notice these gaps or drafts, consider a door replacement.
  • Your home’s front door affects its curb appeal more than you might realize. In turn, consider a door replacement if the current door looks outdated or downright ugly!

Denton Home Window Replacement is happy to offer this information about front door installation cost in Denton, Texas. If you’re ready for new doors for your home, call our Denton door installation contractors. We offer FREE installation price quotes and a wide range of residential door options. Additionally, we can help you choose the best door for your needs and budget. To get your property started, contact us today!


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