5 Signs You Need the Experts for Denton Door Installation

December 24, 2021

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If you’ve tried DIY door installation on a Denton property, you might not be enjoying the results you expected! Hanging or installing doors is not as simple as property owners often assume, and even so-called lightweight vinyl or fiberglass doors can be heavy and cumbersome to manage.

Before you decide to just ignore a problem door on your property, remember that sturdy entryway doors that close and lock securely are vital for ensuring your security! To ensure your family is safe and secure behind properly installed doors, check out 5 signs that it’s time to call in some help for your new door installation in Denton.

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1. Plate and Stop Misaligned? Call a Pro for Door Installation in Denton

Residential doors have what’s called a kick plate or bottom plate, or a thin piece of metal attached along the door’s bottom. This plate blocks the gap between the door and the ground below. When you open a door, that plate should line up with the doorstop connected to the wall behind the door.

If the plate and door stop don’t meet, the door itself is probably misaligned or out of the plane. Addressing this issue involves tapping the top and bottom door sections separately until the door comes back into alignment. This process is often tedious and requires some skill and experience to accomplish, so call a pro to manage it for you!

2. A Pro Can Fix a Door Uneven at the Top

Don’t overlook or ignore a door that’s uneven along the top side! This gap lets in insects as well as outside heat and cold, while also letting out your heated and cooled air. That gap can also be used by an intruder with a pry bar, to gain entry into your home.

An uneven floor might be causing the door jambs, or the wood along the side of the door frame, to become uneven or out of level. In turn, the door won’t hang straight and a gap will form along the top. A pro can adjust or even reinstall the jambs, moving them up and off the floor, to ensure a level and even fit.

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3. Call a Pro If the Rough Opening Is Too Large

Whether you’ve cut a new opening yourself or the existing rough opening for a door is too large, this needs to be addressed by a pro! That opening will typically need furring strips applied along with the frame, to “shrink” the opening and allow for a precise fit.

However, installing furring strips so that the door fits snugly without pulling it out of plumb, or overcorrecting the issue, takes some skill. A pro can measure the proper furring width and apply any finishing trim needed to cover those strips, ensuring a precise fit and attractive finish.

4. Doors That Open or Close on Their Own? Call a Pro!

Are your doors opening and closing on their own? Foundation issues and a sinking home can pull doors out of place so that they start to move on their own. If you’ve ruled out foundation damage and a sinking structure, call a professional door installer! He or she can check if the doorframe and jambs are even and level.

Correcting a door that’s out of level isn’t always as simple as you might assume. An installer might tighten hinges with longer screws or pound shims along the hinges and frame, to adjust its position. This process is tedious and needs consistent checking, to ensure the door stays level and that you don’t overcorrect.

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5. Don’t Ignore Squeaking and Scraping

Too often homeowners might ignore a door squeaking as it moves, or one that scrapes along the floor. These issues usually indicate parts rubbing against each other, hinges pulling away from their connectors, uneven jambs or frames, or an oversized door.

As with other installation issues, these problems are not always easy to diagnose or correct. A door installation expert can check the door’s weight, the level of the frame and size of the jambs, the connectors holding the hinges in place, and other such areas that need correcting. He or she can then shave down the door, install new hinge screws, or otherwise correct the problem and leave you with a door that works properly every single time!

Denton Home Window Replacement is happy to bring this information to you. Hopefully, you now understand when it’s best to call a pro for door installation in Denton! If you’re in the market for new doors or windows for your home, call our trained and trusted Denton door and window installation contractors. We have a wide range of new energy-efficient doors and windows from which to choose and guarantee every installation to last. To get started with your FREE consultation and price quote, call us today!

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