Are Bay Windows Outdated? (Window Style Guide)

May 20, 2022

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Are you a homeowner or prospective homebuyer asking, are bay windows outdated? This is a vital and fair question to ask! After all, windows can either add to or detract from a home’s overall appearance. Also, windows make up a large part of a structure’s insulation.

Above all, windows affect property values. For homeowners, it’s good to consider an update when needed. For buyers, you’ll want to consider carefully if bay windows make a home a good or bad choice. To help you make the best decision, check out some vital information about bow and bay window replacement overall.

Are Bay Windows Outdated or Still in Style?

First, note what is meant by bay and bow windows. Both designs have side-by-side panes that jut out from a home. Bay windows have three panes; bow windows have four or five. Bay and bow windows then create a nook inside the home.

Bay and bow windows got very popular some years back for many reasons. One, those panes jutting out of the home bring in more sunlight and fresh air circulation. Two, that nook means added space for seating or foot traffic. Three, creating a nook under those windows helps open up smaller rooms, keeping them from feeling boxy and cramped.

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While bow and bay windows offer lots of advantages, some homeowners might see them as outdated. For instance, bay windows might seem too traditional for modern décor and seating. Also, some home buyers might not like the look of windows jutting out from exterior walls.

Also, some homeowners might appreciate flat walls where they can add furniture more easily. Lastly, some might struggle to find the right window dressing for bow and bay windows!

On the other hand, many homeowners and prospective buyers still appreciate bay and bow windows for their home. Adding seating to the nook means a stunning place for reading or relaxing. You can also entertain more guests with a roomy window seat in your space! A ledge in that nook also means room for displaying plants and other items.

Above all, bay and bow windows mean extra sunlight in a space and an improved view to the outside. For these and many other reasons, bay and bow windows are still in style! However, you might consider some tips for updating these windows. Along with fresh curtains and other simple touches, your bay windows can look stunning no matter their age.

How Do You Modernize a Bay Window?

There are a few simple things you can do to modernize bay and bow windows in your home. Check out a few suggestions you might try:

  • Remember that a fresh coat of paint can update just about anything in the home! Try a bold, modern color for your windows such as matte black or slate gray.
  • Avoid outdated blinds and drab window treatments for your bow or bay windows. Switch to sleek, square panels that accent the space around the windows.
  • Take a fresh look at any window seat or ledge you have inside those windows. A simple style without many details can offer a modern appearance. Also, swap out old, worn pillows and other accessories for something fresh and new.
  • On the other hand, removing that window seat altogether can mean a fresh new look! A sleek armchair can sometimes mean a more modern look for your bay and bow windows instead.

Does a Bay Window Add Value to a Home?

Bay windows typically add value to a home since they offer more seating, sunlight, and air circulation. Some experts estimate that you can recoup about 73% of your bay window costs in terms of increased property values.

Also, note that bay and bow windows offer lots of value even before you decide to sell! That nook created by the window offers added seating, as said. Windows at an angle also allow a better view to the outside and increased sun exposure. Larger bay and bow windows also bring more fresh air into interior rooms, for a healthier and more enjoyable environment.

Additionally, shelving or drawers underneath that bay window seating means added storage. Many homeowners appreciate this in bedrooms or dining rooms especially! You might use that space for clothes, linens, kid’s toys, and more.

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What Are the Disadvantages of a Bay Window?

One disadvantage of bay windows is that they don’t offer much support for the roof area above them. In turn, they might risk eventual structural damage. Also, replacing bay windows is often more costly than other windows.

Additionally, all that added exposure to the outside can also risk less energy efficiency inside your home! Consequently, you might invest in high-quality energy-efficient glass with weather-resistant coatings. These can help protect interior spaces, but they also add to your installation costs as well!

What Is the Point of a Bay Window?

Even after reviewing all these pros and cons, you might wonder the point of a bay window. First note that bay and bow windows open up a space, as said. They work to push back a wall and make a room feel larger and airier overall. That nook under the window also offers an excellent spot for reading or even napping!

However, the main point of a bay window is to allow more sunlight into a space. Angled bay and bow windows catch sunlight shining along the side of a wall. On the other hand, standard windows capture sunlight shining directly at them and no more!

Note, too, that many bow and bay windows use a stationary or fixed window for their center pane. In turn, a contractor can use a large, oversized glass piece for this part of the window. The larger the window, the better the view to the outside! An oversized window can also break up the look of long, dull walls inside the home.

Denton Home Window Replacement is happy to help answer the question, are bay window outdated? Hopefully you found this information helpful and informative for making your decision about bay and bow windows. Also, feel free to call our Denton window replacement contractors when you’re in the market for new windows. We carry a full line of beautiful, energy-efficient options sure to fit your needs. To get your home started, give us a call today!


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